Superindencia de Telecomunicaciones de Costa Rica - SutelSuperindencia de Telecomunicaciones de Costa Rica - SutelSuperindencia de Telecomunicaciones de Costa Rica - Sutel
The Costa Rican Telecommunications Market in 2014

The Superintendence of Telecommunications (SUTEL) and the Directorate-General for Markets present the “Annual Statistics of the Telecommunications Sector in Costa Rica for the 2014 Period”.

Throughout the years not only a processing and validation process has been consolidated, but a solid relation with operators and service providers, academic environment, government authorities and general public has taken place benefiting the telecommunications sector. This links favor statistic measurements and allow all participating parties to have a thorough follow up concerning the sector’s evolution in Costa Rica and a comparison of regional results, as well as worldwide.

The report counts with reliable, objective and transparent data that can be used in investigation, statistics and projections.

As in past years, this new report demonstrates that the telecommunications sector in Costa Rica is a growing and dynamic market. This is confirmed by the income figures generated during 2014, reaching ¢722.089 million colones, and surpassing in 34% the income registered in the previous year. The income reached a 3% of the GDA. In respect to year 2011, in income terms, the market grew 83%, which means that in comparison with year 2014, annually the sector has achieved a growing share in the GDA and went from a 2.1% in 2010 to a 3% in 2014. Equally, the investment associated to the sector, continues to favor the development in an increased service offer and quality.

On the other hand, the market dynamic has allowed the socialization of the telecommunications services, permitting the lower economic strata to have access to the services. This can be appreciated with the mobile phone penetration representing a 149 per every 100 inhabitants, as well as the fixed internet access with a 37% presence in the country’s households.

This results did not develop by mere coincidence. They are a result of the effort of various agents which include the operators and service providers, that make the service availability, network and infrastructure development possible, as well as different business models. The evolution is also a result of the demand of users for better and more innovative, affordable and diverse services. The results obtained equally reflect the country’s vision linked to a high impact digital system, derived from an adequate and prompt regulation and national policies. Finally, I acknowledge the operators and service providers for assisting during 3 years in the development of these reports, and encourage to continuing the data and information provision in order for SUTEL to continue generating more reports.

Walther Herrera C.

Responsible Directorate-General for Markets